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Stagecoach Vineyard, Pritchard Hill RegionNapa Valley

Located 1,800 feet above sea level in Napa Valley you will find the famed Stagecoach Vineyard nestled along the steep mountain tops and sweeping hillsides of the Vaca Mountains. Notorious for “Extreme Terroir” Stagecoach Vineyard produces some of the most prestigious and sought after fruit in Napa Valley.

The Cabernet Sauvignon we are sourcing from Stagecoach Vineyard comes from block C3A in the highly acclaimed Pritchard Hill region of the vineyard. Red volcanic earth and clay loam dispersed with large boulders comprise this vineyard. The soil composition coupled with moderate mid-day temperatures result in Cabernet Sauvignon that is beautifully balanced with concentrated, bold flavors and ideally ripened, silky tannins.