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Ghost Block Vineyard, Yountville AVANapa Valley, California

The legendary Ghost Block Vineyard in Yountville is named in honor of the historic Pioneer Cemetery for which it borders. According to local lore, the ghost of George C. Yount, the first person to plant a grapevine in the Valley, can be seen wandering the hillside vineyard.

Ghost Block sits on a gently sloping knoll at base of Yountville Hill on the north end of the town of Yountville. The organically farmed vineyard is planted to old Mondavi Clone Cabernet Sauvignon.   The vineyard is very unique in that it is a hillside vineyard located on the valley floor.

 Located between the warmer up-valley climate and the cooling maritime influence of the San Francisco Bay to the south, Ghost Block traditionally sees a long delicate growing season with cool evening winds that ensure stunning finesse and balance connected by vibrant, energetic tannins.